We specialise in the services we provide to deliver value for your business.  You can choose from a range of services and we will work with you to help discover what will provide most value for your business.

Strategy and Planning

Outcome: Create business growth and value through strategy and integrated planning to support great business decisions

Service Offering:

  • Understand the core business vision and strategy
  • Identify opportunities to enable the strategic vision
  • Planning for Digital Disruption
  • Develop a truly business centric digital business strategy
  • Develop detailed IT Strategy (and sub-strategy if required)
  • Capabilities Roadmap Development
  • Business and IT Portfolio of Work
  • Associated Investment and Strategy Governance
  • Engagement Strategy Development

Digital Learning

Outcome: Help companies leverage digital channels for effective, engaging learning solutions

Service Offering:

  • Learning and Communication strategy development
  • Develop benefits and ROI profile
  • Develop stakeholder analysis and Communications Plan
  • ‘Online Content’ – micro-learning, design, development and deployment
  • ‘Learning Management Solutions’ – personalised, natural learning approaches, unique to meet the learner needs, easy to use, when learning is needed, where learning is needed.
  • Content development for learning needs
  • Coach teams on best practice content development techniques

Digital Learning does not mean learning on your phone, it means “bringing learning to where employees are.” A “way of learning” not a “type of learning”.  Josh Bersin

Executive Advisory

Outcome: Help companies leverage the value of digital technologies without the cost of a full time CIO

Service Offering:

Associate CIO Model

  • Part time access to Executive level IT capability
  • Build effective relationships between business and IT
  • Plan and lead digital transformation
  • Leverage IT effectively to gain efficiency

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Coach IT Management on business digital strategy and execution
  • Build customer focused team culture and structures


Digital Communications

Outcome: Leveraging digital communication to reach your target audience effectively

Service Offering:

  • Understanding your digital communication strategy
  • Review of channel management strategy
  • Develop Niche Digital Solutions
  • “Media Bites” for Websites, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Digital Communication packages